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Our aim is to give all our trading clients the largest set of cryptocurrency trading options on the market, therefore we are always interested in hearing more about new projects and offerings. To allow us to start a preliminary review of your digital token, submit the required information using the form below.

Please enter the details of your request. A member of our support staff will respond as soon as possible.

Are you a developer or official representative?

If you are not one of the token developers or representative from the token team we will not be responding to your ticket. Please do not submit this form if you answer ‘None’.

Please provide a Verified Account of team member registered with us This team member must be either a core developer or a major shareholder (10% or more) of a company that backs the development of the token.

The ticker needs to be 3-5 letters and cannot contain any symbols or numbers. Please verify that your preferred symbol is not already in use on or any other exchange. There are a number of services that track coin prices that require the symbols to be unique.

Why does it exist and what makes it unique? What new technology or business concept are you bringing to the blockchain?

Can people earn and spend the token for a good or service? If you don’t have current utility, tell us what utility you will have first and when it will be released.

Enter the past or future date of your token’s mainnet launch.

Enter the past or future date that your platform was/will be available to the public. If this is not applicable, enter the same date as your mainnet public release.

Let us know if your chain is forked from another chain or using code from a common source.

Is this an ERC20 token?
Is the ERC20 a holding token that will be replaced?

We only accept source code. We will not run a binary that you provide us.

Please provide the link your official blockchain explorer. You can include more than one, if necessary

Please provide the official website where official information and updates can be found.

The whitepaper should be the most current and up to date version. The link should be the official version that is publicly accessible to all.

Please list any social media information such as your telegram channel, twitter account, facebook page, subreddit, etc.

Did you raise money/bitcoin to launch your token?

i.e. a CFC/ICO/Private Sale/SAFT

If yes, please specify how much it is and whether it’s escrowed.

Please list all exchanges that offer your token.

Do you have US legals against US securities regulations?

The answer to this question helps us in processing your request. US legal memos must be written by a credible law firm or lawyer familiar with US securities regulations. If Yes, please upload below as an attachment.

Do you have a legal opinion letter from a Maltese law firm confirming that the token is a Virtual Financial Asset (VFA) and not a financial instrument?
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The answer helps us process your request. The letter must be written by a lawyer or law firm in Malta following the Virtual Financial Asset (VFA) Act. If Yes, please upload it below as an attachment.

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Your details have been successfully submitted. Please allow our team time to review your application, when we have undertaken our review we will get back to you with next steps.

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