Keeping You Safe and Protected!

To thwart illegal activity and transactions occurring on our platform, we have implemented automated Blockchain monitoring and prevention of illicit Crypto Currency transactions (KYT). Ensuring that we fulfill our safety obligations to all our valued users, and more importantly our commitment to keeping your digital wallet 100% safe and secure always.

Keeping You Safe and Protected!

How it Works?

The CryptoSouk investigation software helps us identify and stop bad actors who are using cryptocurrencies for illicit activity on our platform.

Our Blockchain monitoring system supports all major Crypto Currency, so you can always be rest assured that CryptoSouk have you fully covered.

  • If for example the CryptoSouk security monitor detected a Crypto ransom note with a specific Crypto address attached to it, it would automatically find any connected wallets associated with that address.
  • Our compliance team would then monitor and track transactions to ensure a record is kept for possible future investigations.
  • The compliance team use KYT to automatically project risk scores on suspicious transactions, enabling swift mitigation of fraudulent behavior on the platform.
  • Once suspicious activity enters our database, we’re able to quickly identify connections with future illicit behavior, and identify potential suspects before they cause harm.

Why Choose Cryptosouk?

Buy Digital Tokens Easily purchase popular Crypto Currency with CryptoSouk.
Quality Education Lot’s of learning material available in our Resource Section.
ProTrade Tools You get FREE access to the CryptoSouk ProTrade platform!
Transparent Pricing We pride ourselves on making our pricing transparent!
Custom Trendlines Draw trendlines, pitchforks that scale and move with the chart.
Multiple Views Multiple views including price chart, depth chart, and recent trades ticker.
SOUK Token Coming Soon: Use SOUK and receive a significant discount.
Fast Order Book Updates in real-time and displays buy and sell orders with live spread calculation.

Protecting Your Identity!

CryptoSouk’s priority is to ensure that we have the best security practices in place to protect your personal identity data.

This ensures you can start trading faster, with the peace of mind that your personal information is protected, safe and secure. It’s time to trade
without trade-offs.

Join the next generation of digital asset
exchanges today.

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