KYC (Know Your Customer) Sign Up Process

Currently, Cryptosouk provides 3 ways to submit the KYC:

  1. Email
  2. Civic
  3. TG

Following are the in-detail approach for each of the above mechanism.


  • Tick “Terms and Policies”
  • You should be getting an email to verify your registration.
  • Check your email and Verify the registration.
  • Perform the Mobile Registration.
  • The system will send an OTP (one-time-password)
  • Receive OTP from your mobile and provide it in the verification page.

*You will get a message that Email and mobile has been verified*

  • once verified you will automatically be directed to the sign-in page and once signed in, go to ACCOUNT VERIFICATION.
  • fill out the form then submit.
  • A message will appear that your information is currently under review.

*Registrant will wait 24 hours to see if they are rejected or approve.

Sign Up Today!
Sign Up Today!

*Every time a user logs in- he/she will be notified via email.

  • An email will be sent if rejected or approved.
  • You’ll also see on the exchange under Account VERIFICATION that your account is successfully verified.
  • Before a user can engage in an activity, the user should make a deposit.

*You can’t perform anything until KYC is verified and 2FA verification as well. But you can still navigate on through the website.


Deposit to the exchange account can be currently made in two ways:

  1. Bank Transfer
  2. Online Payment

Bank transfer

3 days is the max waiting period to completely reflected on the exchange.

Important considerations for bank transfer:

  • Receiving Bank is in Kuwait
  • The bank is closed during Saturdays
  • They observe bank holidays during Friday

Online Payment

  1. Input the amount and comment then submit
  2. Will direct you to the page where you will do the online payment
  3. Credit Card or Debit card

*system will not accept non-3D secure card

*3D secure card is wherein it will ask an OTP


  • User must enable 2FA

*Once you click enable Enable Authy, you will be directed to Security.

2 ways in Mobile

  • 2FA
  • QRcode

*once enabled the 2FA then you can navigate API and Affiliate

*every time you log in and log out-it will require you for 2FA

Possible issues when registering for KYC:

  • Not getting an email
  • Not getting an OTP
  • Unable to click on the link and link will expire


  • Check the inbox or spam folder first.
  • If no email, advise to re-sign up again as they are not considered a user until they complete the email and mobile verification.


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