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It feels like almost everything we do in 2019 is online. Banking, shopping, investing and even paying our bills. While this is convenient, it also means that we need to remember our usernames, passwords and security questions for dozens of online accounts.

It gives you a headache just thinking about it. At Cryptosouk our goal is always to make things easy for our users. And signing up to our platform is no different. To make this a reality we’ve recently enabled Telegram sign up on Cryptosouk.

Who is Telegram?

Sign Up Today!
Sign Up Today!

Telegram is a cloud-based mobile and desktop messaging application. Users can use Telegram across multiple devices with messages syncing seamlessly. Telegram prides itself on being extremely user-friendly with the bonus of being fast and secure.

So as a Cryptosouk user how will you benefit from our new partnership with Telegram?

Telegram Login Widget

Telegram and Cryptosouk users can benefit from simple sign in via the Telegram Login Widget. This widget is used for websites such as and provides you with easy two-click login. It gives you a quick, easy and secure way to get authorised on, ensuring you’re on the Cryptosouk platform and trading crypto pronto!

How does it work?

The Telegram Login Widget is quick and simple. Here’s how it works:

  1. When you first use Telegram login you’ll be asked to provide your phone number.
  2. You’ll then receive a confirmation message from Telegram which will authorise your browser.
  3. Once logged in, the Cryptosouk team will be provided with your newly created Telegram name, username and profile picture p.s. your phone number will always remain hidden, giving you that extra bit of security.
  4. You then have two-click login granted for easy sign up to Cryptosouk whenever you need it 😊

Improving CX with Telegram bots

Telegram bots are yet another way we’re looking to further improve your sign up and sign in experience on Cryptosouk. With the Telegram login widget, you can now have frictionless communication with via Telegram. Once you’re signed up, the Telegram bots can be used to send you notifications and take your crypto trading experience to the next level. Need updates on pricing information for a certain crypto? Notifications for new cryptos available on the platform? Telegram bots can help with this, providing the information you need to be on top of your investing game.

Total control of your account and personal information

By enabling Telegram sign up on Cryptosouk, we’re ensuring you’re in complete control of your personal information. After each login, you’ll receive a summary about the data accessed and utilised on If you’re uncomfortable at any time you can instantly revoke authorisation at the touch of a button. Everytime you login to Cryptosouk using Telegram, that information is safely stored and encrypted to provide you and your digital wallet the extra level of security you need.


Like Cryptosouk; Telegram place a heavy emphasis on security and privacy. So, you can be assured that your data is safe with end-to-end encryption. You have complete control of your data and all personal information.

Continuous updates:

Enabling the Telegram Widget login tool on Cryptosouk is just the beginning. Telegram will continue to roll out new features and benefits as they continue to optimise their Telegram ID project. The good news is that as a Cryptosouk user, you’ll be able to reap the full benefits of all Telegram updates made to the widget login tool.


We know that quick access to the Cryptosouk platform is important to you. You want a no-hassle, quick and secure way to get online and trading crypto.

By enabling Telegram sign up on our platform we’re making this a reality, ensuring your experience is first class. Make remembering complex passwords a thing of the past. Two-click login makes it quick and easy to get authorised, logged in and increasing the size of your digital wallet.


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