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Our physical and digital worlds are slowly converging. The days of carrying around physical identity such as a driver’s license are fading fast, being replaced by digital verification methods.

While digital verification is convenient, it means that managing your online identity securely is more important than ever. That’s why Cryptosouk have partnered with Civic, a decentralised identity ecosystem built on blockchain, that provides quick online verification while protecting your online identity.

Together with Civic we’re bridging your physical and digital credentials in an easy and secure way.

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Who are Civic?

Civic is a secure identity ecosystem built on state-of-the-art identity verification technology. The technology enables you quick sign in to Cryptosouk while also ensuring your personal information is secure.

Civic provides you with multi-factor authentication without the need for physical identification, passwords or usernames.

So how does it work?

Using Civic, your virtual identity is saved and stored on the decentralised identity ecosystem. This ecosystem facilitates on-demand and safe access to various services through the blockchain, so that you no longer need to start from scratch each time a background check or verification is required.

The Civic Secure Identity Platform stores and shares the data ONLY with your permission, giving you peace of mind that your online identity is safe.

So how does this work when signing up or signing in to Cryptosouk?

  1. When signing up for Cryptosouk you need to verify yourself. Since we’re a Civic partner you’ll be sent a QR code requesting your personal information.
  2. This information is then safely stored and ready for real-time access. Most importantly the information is fully encrypted.
  3. With the information now on the Civic Secure Identity Platform, there’s no need for usernames or passwords. Simply use your fingerprint to identify yourself.
  4. Each time you sign into Cryptosouk, your identity is validated on the blockchain. Quick, easy and secure sign in.

Benefits to Cryptosouk users

Here are some of the ways our partnership with Civic will ensure a quick and secure sign in process.

Quick and simple verification: Getting verified through Civic takes no more than 5 minutes to complete. The best part is, you only need to submit your personal information once and you’re verified. All you need is your smartphone and you can get verified in a few clicks. No more digging up your passport or license; everything is done digitally.

Secure sign-up: Civic’s Secure Private Sign-up and Secure Private Login ensures all your data transactions are encrypted and secure. New accounts are verified in real-time to ensure the person signing-up is exactly who they say they are. The added layer of security also optimises your experience on the Cryptosouk platform, removing the need to remember passwords that can be easily forgotten.

Blockchain grade security: Civic is built on blockchain, providing an extra layer of security that you’ll benefit from in several ways:

  • Fully encrypted personal data on the Secure Identity Platform and your app
  • All identity keys are generated through a third-party, providing an extra firewall of protection
  • With all ID codes, data is secure via the blockchain with every individual independently verified

Eliminate fraudsters: Identity theft is rampant in the digital world, which is why Civic users must pass a “liveness test” and a selfie comparison during their verification process. We use Civic’s optical character recognition technology to ensure the documents true owner is the one setting up the account.

With the power of blockchain; Civic and Cryptosouk guarantee security and privacy of your information, meaning you can trade crypto with peace of mind there are no fraudsters in sight.

User-Permission: one of the best things about using Civic is that you’re in total control of your data. Your personally identifiable information (PII) is stored securely on your device. Only you can approve and deny any requests for this information.


When it comes to crypto trading the last thing you want to do is be slowed down by a dragged-out verification process. By partnering with Civic, we’re ensuring you’re verified quickly and doing exactly what you signed up to do; trade crypto. You’re able to do this with the peace of mind that Civic and Cryptosouk are protecting your personal information, putting you in control of your online identity so you can trade with confidence.

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