The best Bitcoin investment strategy for 2019

There is no doubt that Bitcoin is the best cryptocurrency since its introduction 10 years ago. Bitcoin is a digital currency – it is not an actual coin, but it is a code, stored in a digital wallet that is connected to a particular transaction on a decentralized network known as blockchain. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are popular due to their decentralized nature – they are completely free, and no third party can control them. This cryptocurrency feature has attracted many people to invest their money in Bitcoin.

If you want to invest in Bitcoin, you must have a Bitcoin wallet. You are going to need a place to store your cryptocurrencies, and cryptocurrency wallets are the best choice. They allow quick and easy access to Bitcoin. There are software wallets, which are online applications where you can store cryptocurrencies, and hardware wallets, which are storing cryptocurrencies on a hardware device similar to a flash drive.

Furthermore, you need to find a Bitcoin exchange. For example, you can use the CryptoSouk exchange that is a digital asset exchange for traders of every skill level. Their network has a powerful live order book that is updating in real-time and is displaying buy and sell orders with live spread calculation so you can always lock in the lowest spreads and get the best deal. Moreover, the order system also automatically calculates fees and includes them in the order price so you always know that what you see is what you’ll pay. For larger orders, they offer the ability to report block trades to guarantee that the market won’t move against you before your order gets filled. Available order types for both regular and block trades include market, limit, stop, and six others.

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Don’t forget to learn more about Bitcoin – what is it and how it works. There are a lot of online resources with any information needed about this cryptocurrency. This is necessary because Bitcoin is much more different currency than the traditional fiat currencies, it is a complex currency based on cryptography. You also have to understand how the blockchain technology works. If you don’t understand how Bitcoin and blockchain work, then you are investing in vain.

One of the most popular methods of investing in Bitcoin is to buy Bitcoin when the currency value is lower or it is expected to increase soon. Once you know how Bitcoin and blockchain work and what their features are, do research on the market events. There are many tools that enable analyzing real market data which can help you to determine when is the best time for you to invest in Bitcoin.

Never invest all your money. If you lose all your resources, you will be without anything. There are a lot of amateurs that want to make a quick profit, and then they lose everything. Another important tip for the investors is to always follow the changes in the economic and political world, as well as in the technological developments – they have a big impact on the value of Bitcoin. When you feel that you are ready and know everything important, start investing and enjoy!


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