What is the Zcash?

Typically, any cryptocurrency gets the same definition as that of Bitcoin, all that changes is the unique feature that each currency brings. The Zcash cryptocurrency is user-to-user cryptocurrency that has been designed solely for extra private transactions. Location of the users in a trade is revealed.

The Zerocoin branched out of the Bitcoin and was even previously referred to as the Zerocoin. The technology of the Zerocoin prevents information about the transactions, the sender and receiver information from being revealed.

The feature of privacy is however optional and both the parties of a Zcash could to have their information hidden or unhidden. 

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How they were developed (history)

In the above explanations, the Zcash was motivated by the Bitcoin but had a different feature altogether. The Bitcoin came a lit bit earlier, about a decade ago. There was a demand for a more private cryptocurrency. Most users who saw the risk of divulging huge personal data in the transaction process sought more secure currencies with Zcash joining the league.

Zcash is the idea and masterpiece of Zooko Wilcox O’Hearn. It was released in the October 2016 to sort open financial system. Not entirely different from Bitcoin in structure, this cryptocurrency comes with a feature that allows the users to hide personal information through what is termed as an encrypted open ledger.

The Zcash has been in use for about two years since its advent in 2016.


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