What is the CryptoSouk OTC Desk?

Over the counter (OTC) trades do not take place on the CryptoSouk exchange and are handled by our highly experienced team through our back-office functions. Our sellers’ market has the capability to provision deep liquidity and a personal service to individuals and institutions who require fulfillment of large volume orders that would be otherwise cumbersome and issue prone if placed on the open market.

The Key Features of the CryptoSouk OTC Desk

Digital or Manual Solution

Our OTC team have a huge experience of Crypto trading and settlements with 100s of large OTC deals facilitated over the years. We offer a digital automated service where buy and sell trades are settled through our cryptosouk software solution or we can facilitate manualized personal services very easily also.

Personal Servicing

Building relationships that are focused around trust and endure over time is key to our OTC managers. We advise and guide you through every step of the OTC process right through to transaction execution, along the way answering all your questions and delivering the best order fulfillment solution based around your circumstances.

Multiple Assets Supported

We can fulfill your OTC orders in a wide variety of FIAT currencies as well as with multiple Crypto Currencies and not just BTC or ETH. Should you have any special requirements on OTC Asset accommodation our OTC managers will be more than happy to advise.

Current FIAT Currencies Supported

US Dollars (USD)
Euros (EUR)
British pounds (GBP)

Current Digital Assets Supported

Bitcoin (XBT)
Ethereum (ETH)
Tether (USDT)
And more...

Worldwide Approach

The CryptoSouk OTC trading desk covers most territories worldwide that fall under our supported countries list. Depending on which region or country you are from you may experience small delay in response due to Timezones, however when a deal is structured we work with you 24hrs a day to ensure your orders are fulfilled in a timely and professional manner.


We can use various forms of communication to undertake your OTC deals from instant messenger services like WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal through to phone and email. The choice is yours.

How the OTC Process Works?

  • Register Your Interest

    The first step is to email [email protected] you will then be assigned and OTC manager who along with their team will ask you to complete the OTC client onboarding documentation which is required for all clients looking to either buy or sell large volumes of digital crypto assets.

  • What is the OTC onboarding process?

    For large transactions we require that all clients submit certain types of documentation such as Business license and business-related documentation (for institutions), and for individuals government issued identity documents and proof of address where required. Submission of these documents allows.

  • Preferred Lines of Communication

    A line of communication is opened to go through the details of the trade with your OTC manager.

  • Confirm trade

    You choose whether you wish to buy at the price offered. If you agree, the trade is confirmed, and the trader will ask for a deposit address where they can send the purchased assets.

    After confirming the trade, wait for a confirmation of the transaction via email. In this email you’ll find wire instructions for the OTC bank account, where you will wire the funds.

  • Trade is Completed

    Once we OTC receives the wire, our OTC trader will send the assets to the specified wallet address, along with a confirmation email to your inbox, and the trade is complete.

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