How it works?

Once you sign up to Cryptosouk and you create a normal user account with us, you will be asked to upload and have processed your KYC verification documents (know your customer) before you can use the full suite of tools available on the trading platform and also access the Cryptosouk tiered affiliate program.

All users who do not complete account verification and KYC will not be allowed access to refer new users and gain commissions on their activity on our platform.

When you have completed your account verification you will be provided with an individual user affiliate referral link located within your user account dashboard which you can simply cut and paste at anytime and distribute as you wish in accordance with our Affiliate Program Service Agreement.

This is a great way to receive cryptocurrency rewards for telling everyone you know about

Recruit Sub Affiliates and Earn Extra Commission

Our Affiliate program is 3 affiliate levels deep so you can make commissions from two other affiliates if they sign up to under your master affiliate link, and then start promoting to their network. Any big traders they bring in you will make a % Commission on their user base.

Below shows you the commission structure.

R1 - Affiliate R2 - Affiliate R3 – Affiliate
This is your master affiliate account connected to your personal account and you collect 20% commissions on all the referee trades by users you successfully sign up This is the 1st sub-affiliate that signed up under your master affiliate account referral link, and you will get a 10% of your R2 Affiliates commission fees for any user trading under their referral code. This is the 1st sub-affiliate that signed up under your master affiliate account referral link, and you will get 5% of your R2 Affiliates commission fees for any user trading under their referral code.

Affiliate Commissions are paid on

  • Trade Crypto Pairings: Affiliate commissions are paid on trade pairs on the platform in Cryptocurrency for example BTC/ETH, BCH/BTC, and so on. And you will be credited your commissions earned in that Cryptocurrency pair traded.
  • Trade Crypto and FIAT Pairings: As you will notice on our platform, we also accommodate FIAT/Crypto and Crypto/FIAT trading as part of our growing suite of services. If a trade occurs under your affiliate account from a user trading in a FIAT pairing you will be credited your % commission in the Cryptocurrency bought or sold in that FIAT currency (GBP, USD, EURO). We do not pay referral commissions to affiliates for FIAT trades in FIAT payouts we only pay affiliate commissions in Cryptocurrency.
  • Instatrade: Affiliates are paid commissions on trades done using the Instatrade feature on our platform.
  • Sign Ups: We do not pay a % commission for people you sign up, we only pay commissions on people that sign up under your referral link on the trades those referees undertake on the platform.
  • Deposits: We do not pay affiliates commission on deposits of Crypto Currency or FIAT currency into the trade platform by your referee.
  • Withdrawals: We do not pay affiliates on withdrawals of Crypto Currency or FIAT currency out of the trade platform by your referee.

Affiliate Referral Payout Structure

R1 Affiliate (You) R2 Sub-Affiliate R3 Sub-Affiliate


Of platform trade fees under your account.


Of platform trade fees under their account.


Of platform trade fees under their account.

General Information

  • There is no limit to the number of Referees (Users) a single Affiliate can sign up through their unique Affiliate Referral link.
  • After being referred to the CryptoSouk Exchange Platform from a web link containing your Unique Affiliate Referral ID, those new Referees then have seven (7) days to complete their account registration and process their identity verification documents on the Platform (Achieving verified User Status) in order for your Affiliate Referral Account to be linked to that new Referee (User).
  • We do not place cookie expiry limits on our Affiliate’s links. So if a customer clicks on to from your Affiliate Referral link, then signs up and starts trading, you will get your Commission Rewards – even if the Referee came from your Affiliate link posted in an email or a web page bookmarked months or years previously.
  • The settlement currencies of the Affiliate Referral Commission Rewards are assigned to all Affiliate in the same two currencies that we involved in each paired trade on the Platform. For example, when an Affiliate’s Referee (User) trades on a BTC/ETH pairing (where BTC is either a Base Currency or a Quote Currency), CryptoSouk collects ‘Facilitation of Trade Fees’ (otherwise more commonly known as ‘Maker Fee’ and ‘Taker Fee’) in the Base and the Quote Currency being traded. If a Buyer pays the fee in the Base Currency and the Seller pays the fee in the Quote Currency, then CryptoSouk receives its ‘Trade Facilitation Fees’ in those two respective currencies that are pair-traded. CryptoSouk then distribute the Affiliate Referral Commission Rewards generated in that paired-trade in the same two currencies involved in that paired-trade (for example, as above BTC and ETH Affiliate Commission Rewards).
  • Affiliate Commission Rewards earnt by all Affiliates are transferred directly into your wallet and will be reflective in your currency account logs as soon as your Referee’s (User’s) paired trade is settled and confirmed on the CryptoSouk Exchange Platform. Kindly note that his trade confirmation can sometimes take up to 10 minutes maximum in some cases.
  • All Affiliate Commission Rewards are readily available under your Cryptosouk Personal User Account for use in Platform paired trades or for withdrawal as soon as they are credited into your account.
  • CryptoSouk do not set a minimum and maximum Affiliate Commission Reward payout threshold.
  • CryptoSouk will track all Affiliate Reward Commissions earned and may, at it’s sole discretion, decide not to pay any Affiliate Reward Commission to an Affiliate should we believe that any Affiliate Referral has been made in violation of our Affiliate Service Agreement, and in any breach of this Affiliate Services Agreement due to Visitor, User or Customer fraud, or due to Visitor, User or Customer contract cancellation.
  • Should in a case where the Affiliate refers a User to the Exchange Platform and we discover that this User is involved in previous or current Terrorist Financing, Sanctioned, PEP or any other illicit activities, that Referring Affiliate will not be held liable in anyway for the actions of that Referred User. In such cases the Users account will be terminated, and the referring Affiliate will not receive any Affiliate Commission Rewards for that User.
  • CryptoSouk does not allow any Affiliates to ‘self-invite’ through the generation of Multiple User Accounts. If such manipulation tactics are detected, all Affiliate Commission Rewards will immediately be canceled, and all Affiliate Referral Commission Rewards gained for the Master Affiliate and the Sub Affiliate accounts associated will be suspended and cancelled.
  • Furthermore, any Affiliate involved in manipulation and ‘gaming the system’ techniques on the Platform will immediately be disqualified and their personal account blacklisted.
  • It is always the sole and absolute duty of each CryptoSouk Affiliate to read, understand and to follow precisely the Affiliate Service Agreement and its conduct guidelines.
  • CryptoSouk is under no obligation whatsoever to pay any Affiliate Commission Rewards to any Affiliate who does not strictly follow this Services Agreement and its guidelines.
  • CryptoSouk may adjust the proportion of Referrals that can be allocated to any one Affiliate, the Affiliate Commission Rewards payout structure, and furthermore fully reserves the right to adjust the rules of the Affiliate Referral Program at its own discretion at any time without liability, notice or issue served.

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