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What is the main application of the Project? (e.g. cloud computing, file storage, marketplace and anti-counterfeiting, etc)

What is the target industry of the Project? (e.g. finance, healthcare, supply chain, social media and energy, etc.)

What type of clients does the Project target? (e.g. consumers, service providers, retail investors, professional investors, etc.)

Brief Project History

Does the project have a traditional business model or does all of the value accrue to the native digital asset?

What is the long term vision of the project and how do you intend to achieve success?

Please describe the current development stage of the project.

Please provide a comprehensive description of the token/coin, including core use cases and an overview of the token economy.

Why do you think a native digital asset is necessary for your Project?

Is there a limit on the number of tokens/coins that can be held by a user? If so, please explain.

Is there an existing platform or application where users are able to use your token?

Who are the Project’s key competitors (crypto and non-crypto)? How do you plan to differentiate the Project?

Users & Community

How many users (registered & active) does the Project currently have? Please only include users of the Project’s product. Do not include or reference the number of social media followers the Project has.

Please discuss your social communities and include links along with user counts per media outlet (e.g., Telegram, Reddit, Slack, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Line, Viber, KakaoTalk, Imo, Zalo, BBM, ChatOn, etc.) Please be as detailed as possible.

Please describe your developer communities and include links along with any recent campaigns to engage developers (bounties, hackathons, meetups, etc.).


What level of development have you already achieved? (e.g., MVP/Alpha/Beta/Testnet/Mainnet)?

Where can we see your product? Can you provide any product demos or links to test the product / dapps built on top of the product?

Are users currently able to use the tokens/coins for their intended purpose (on a testnet, for example)? If so, please describe.

Please check each applicable feature of the token/coin (even if only applicable to certain issued token/coins):


If you checked any applicable features in the previous question, please describe each applicable feature and how it is associated with the token/coin.

What features of the token/coin are hard-coded into the source code or smart contract underlying the token/coin? Please explain.

Is the Project open-source? If so, please provide any copyright or other open source license applicable to the open-source portion of the Project.


Please provide a link to your GitHub repo.


Where is the core team based and what is the current team size? Please list each core team member and outline their role as it relates to the Project.

Are any of your team members not full-time?


Are any of your team members involved in other projects, coins, or work?


If yes, please list all other projects they are currently working on / involved in.

Who are the Project's advisors? How have each of them helped your project in the past?

Token Sale Metrics

Please outline the fundraising history of the project (date, valuation, $ raised, token / share price, investor list per round, etc.)

Are the tokens/coin owned by members of the Project team, founders or employees of the Project, or other private purchasers subject to a lock-up? If so, please identify whether the terms of a lock-up differ for the foregoing persons, and if so, the restrictions of each distinct lock-up (and the related release schedule).

If the project raised multiple private rounds of funding, please discuss the rationale for the various discounts / bonuses given.

Anticipated CryptoSouk Launchpad Offer Size ($mm), # of Tokens and % of Total Token Supply.

Expected Public Sale Dates

Total Coin/Token Supply

Public Sale Conversion Price (e.g. 1 ETH = 1000 XX)

Countries Excluded ?


Is your token an ERC20/23?


Please provide a link to the relevant blockchain explorer.


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